For many years Wouter Engelshoven had, in cooperation with (hand) therapist, (hand) specialists and orthopedic engineers, consulting hours throughout the Netherlands.

The combination of knowledge, expertise, craftsmanship and the willingness to, together, come to innovating results, has led to many models that have proven themselves over the years.

Nowadays clients visit our workshop in Arnhem. Creating innovative and new solutions by complex problems is still a big element of our company.

Why Silver

We Design splints are made form 925 thousandth silver (nickel free), a material that is very suited to support the fine motor skills. Because of the open construction, We Design splints give air to the joints themselves, are highly hygienic and do not cause perspiration. The silver allows for small adjustments when needed. Acceptance by the client is stimulated as the splints look like jewelry.

We Design and your privacy

From the beginning, We Design has underwritten the importance of your client’s privacy. The information that We Design needs from your client is their name, day of birth and the splints that we have made/adjusted for them.

Why do we need this information?

We need this information so that in the case of repair, adjustments and/or new braces we can provide the right information. The information is also needed in case of questions and/or appointments at our workshop.


  • For advice you can contact us by e-mail and phone. Pictures are always helpful
  • We are open to receive your client at our workshop (on appointment)
  • We Design organizes workshops about silversplints for professionals, for more information please contact us

Video conference – Facetalk

  • Contact can also be made through a video-conference
  • We Design uses the app “Facetalk”
  • You can download this app (without costs) on your phone or tablet
  • Facetalk offers the possibility to video chat within a safe environment that is specially designed for the health care sector
  • A secure connection is guaranteed and therefore also the privacy of all users


  • The We Design splints can be ordered by using the We Design order forms together with our instructions and a measuring set
  • You can send your filled out order form to
  • Full insight to all models, instructions and prices are available to professionals

We Design guaranties

  • Two year guarantee on all modells (with exception of the dynamic braces)
  • 1st grade silver 925th
  • 2 weeks delivery time of the finger splints and 3 weeks delivery time of the thumb, hand and wrist braces


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