Why silver splints?

  • Chronic illnesses at fingers, thumb, hand and wrist joints
  • They give stability
  • They correct deformities and improve day to day functioning
  • They offer relieve with symptoms from  Rheumatoid Arthritis, Arthrosis, Hyperextension and luxation of the joints due to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility Syndrome, muscle dystrophy, collateral ligament instability and Multiple Sclerosis
  • The offer support with a broad variety of symptoms due to trauma, tendon ruptures and nerve injury
  • The splints have a significant preventive aspect
  • In some cases the silver splint can be worn together with conventional braces


We Design splints are specially designed so that necessary correction of the joint is combined with minimal pressure points and material use without compromising the comfort and durability of the splint. The silver splints obstruct the forced, not wanted or painful movements of the joints. All designs have proven themselves over the years to be effective and comfortable.

Why Silver

We Design splints are made form 925 thousandth silver (nickel free), a material that is very suited to support the fine motor skills. Because of the open construction, We Design splints give air to the joints themselves, are highly hygienic and do not cause perspiration. The splints can easily endure water, are easily cleaned and do not attract dirt.

Safety regulations 

For more information about the use of our silversplints, please read our  Safety regulations

We Design and your privacy

First of all, we are a company that with care and attention manufactures a custom made splint for you. From the beginning We Design has underwritten the importance of your privacy. The information that We Design needs from you is your name, day of birth,  the information from your medical specialist and the splints that we have made/adjusted for you.

Why do we need this information?

We need this information so that in the case of repair, adjustments and/or new braces we can provide the right information. The information is also needed in case of questions and/or appointments at our workshop.

How to get the We Design silversplints

We Design silversplints can only be ordered through a professional such as a hand therapist, doctor or orthopaedic engineer. You can ask your tmedical specialist to contact us to proceed with the ordering of silversplints.

We will provide the measurement instructions and necessary information to the professional. In case of questions or need for advice, the professional can contact us by phone, mail or video chat.

After the order has been placed We Design has a delivery time of two weeks for finger splints and three weeks for thumb-, hand-, wrist- and elbow braces.

Please note that all products are custom-made and therefore probably need some small adjustments and fine-tuning after delivery. We can advise your medical specialist how to do this. In case of bigger adjustments and repairs, the silversplint has to be send back to us. The costs for sending a silversplint back to us are for your own account.

You can also choose to visit our workshop in the Netherlands. If you choose this option, it is important that you will be in the Netherlands for a few days. So we have time to manufacture the silversplint but also that you can wear the splint for sometime to be sure it has the right fitting.

We Design is not responsible for the choice of the splints and as such denies all liability resulting from wearing the splints.

Maintenance of your splint

Silver as material does not need much maintenance. By using the splint, the splint will keep its silver polish. However, scratches are not preventable when using the brace. By the thumb, hand and wrist braces you will receive a silver cleaning cloth for the maintenance of your splint.

Occasional the splint can turn black, usually because of certain medication. You can regrind the splint with “scotch bright”. However, the splint will lose its silver polish and will have a silver satin finish.

We Design guaranties

All splints have a two-year guarantee on repairs and adjustments (the dynamic braces have a one year guarantee). By incorrect use of the splint and /or repairs or adjustments made by third parties, the guarantee is withdrawn. The costs for sending the splint back to us, are for your own account.

Can silver cause an allergic reaction

The We Design silver splints are made from high-quality silver, 925/1000th silver. Copper is added to get the right alloy. There no nickel added to the silver.

On very rare occasions, people get an allergic reaction to silver. In a short amount of time, you will experience a severe case of skin irritation. It is possible to get your splint in gold, We Design uses 585/1000the gold (14-carat gold). Price in 14-carat gold or on request.

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