We Design specializes in designing and manufacturing silver and titanium orthoses for finger, thumb, hand, wrist and elbow joints. We Design has developed into an expert in the field of silver splints and works closely with various healthcare professionals.

How to obtain We Design orthoses

Due to the medical use of our orthoses, they can only be ordered with the help of a medical professional such as a (hand)therapist, doctor or orthopaedic engineer.  The medical professional can help with choosing the right model, take the measurements and help with the fine-tuning of the orthoses. We Design ships to all countries abroad. You can ask your own specialist to contact us to proceed with the ordering of the orthoses. Of course you can also always contact us if you need any advice or help with the process.

Please note that all products are custom-made and therefore probably need some small adjustments and fine-tuning after delivery. We can advise your medical specialist how to do this. In case of bigger adjustments and repairs, the silversplint has to be send back to us. The costs for sending a silversplint back to us are for your own account.

You can also choose to visit our workshop in the Netherlands. If you choose this option, it is important that you will be in the Netherlands for a few days. So we have time to manufacture the silversplint but also that you can wear the splint for some time to be sure it has the right fitting.

Use and care of your orthoses

Silver as material does not need much maintenance. By using the splint, the splint will keep its silver polish. However, scratches are not preventable when using the brace. By the thumb, hand and wrist braces you will receive a silver cleaning cloth for the maintenance of your splint.

Sometimes the acidity of your skin causes the silver to darken. This may be caused by the use of medication and/or sulfur-containing foods. You can regrind the splint with “scotch bright”. However, the splint will lose its silver polish and will have a silver satin finish. In very rare cases the orthosis can turn black on one hand or finger and not on the other. To date we have not yet found a good solution for this, but we will keep you informed as soon as we can remedy this.

Detailed information about the use of your orthosis can be found here: User instructions


Can silver cause an allergic reaction

We Design orthoses are made of very high quality first grade silver. The silver that We Design uses is an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% pure copper. No other metals, such as nickel, are added. Depending on the type of orthosis silver-solder is used.

In very rare cases there can be an allergic reaction to silver. If this is the case your medical specialist can request a small piece of silver from We Design. This small piece can be worn on the skin with for example a plaster. If there is a silver allergy, very soon a skin irritation will appear.  It’s possible to make the We Design orthoses in gold. We Design uses 585/1000the gold (14-carat gold).

Rhodium and gold plating

When gold plating a thin layer of gold is applied to the orthosis. We Design orthoses are for daily use, causing wear and tear. As a result, the gold will wear out quickly during gilding. For this reason We Design does not advice this.

Rhodium, a thin layer of electroplated rhodium (a platinum metal) over the silver, certainly helps in case of a silver allergy. However, the disadvantageous consequence is that with every adjustment and/or repair the orthosis has to be completely re-gilded. Rhodium can be expensive, please inform with your local jeweller about the costs.

Rhodium is slightly harder (more wear resistant) than gold plating.  As a result, it remains on the inside of the orthosis for a long time. On the outside, it also wears out over time, especially in places where there is a lot of grip contact. For the rhodium plating and gold plating of your orthosis, you can go to a local jeweller or goldsmith. We Design does not provide in this.

We Design guarantee

We at We Design give a 2-year guarantee on your orthoses with the exception of the dynamic orthoses, those have a 1-year guarantee. This means that in the case of repair or small size adjustment We Design charges no costs.  By incorrect use of the splint and/or repairs or adjustments made by third parties, the guarantee is withdrawn.

We Design is not responsible for the choice of orthoses. For this reason, it is not liable for any form of injury resulting from the use of the supplied orthoses. Therefore We Design refuses all liability for the consequences of wearing the wrong orthosis.