Hand braces

We MCP hand brace "Knucklebender"  (code 6001)

The WE MCP hand brace is designed to give support when all MCP joints are instable and in hyperextension. It can be applied to prevent hyperextension of MCPII to V, often due to misbalance between flexor and extensor tendons, clawing hand or spastic hand.

The We MCP hand brace functions as a ‘knuckle bender’. The MCP hand brace can be applied on all four fingers or any separate combination.

We MCP extension hand brace (code 6006)

The MCP extension brace gives rest and stability to the MCP joint by keeping one or more MCP joint in extension. The brace is used in relation to chronic pain as a result of flexion of the MCP joint. The brace can be applied on all or separate MCP joints.

We Dynamic MCP extension brace (code 6011)

The WE Dynamic MCP extension brace brings all the MCPs into extension with a subtle pressure from two coil springs placed laterally to the MCP joints. This brace is suitable for partial brachial plexus and radial nerve injuries.

We Ulnar  deviation brace (model 6023)

The WE anti-ulnar deviation brace offers MCP realignment to all fingers dig II to V. Ulnar deviation is corrected while the greatest flexion of the MCPs remains possible. The spreading of the fingers is limited.

We MCP hand bow support brace (code 6024)

This brace supports the distal transversal bow. An extra support can be added to give extra pressure under one or more MCP joints. It also gives stability to the hand in case of EDS and HMS.

We Titanium elbow brace (code 6030)

The elbow brace is made of titanium and is used in relation to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS). It's an effective brace the prevents hyperextension of the elbow. The brace is very suitable to wear under clothing.