Splints & Braces

The unique shape of the We Design orthoses promotes the natural movement of a normally functioning hand where possible. The aim is to use as little material as possible to create an elegantly designed medical device that derives its strength from its simplicity and effectiveness.

Why silver and titanium orthoses

  • By chronic diseases of the fingers, hand, thumb, wrist and elbow joints
  • They provide stability
  • Through design and use of materials they contribute to (social) acceptance and a positive view of their own situation
  • They correct deformations and promote daily activities and functioning
  • They relieve pain in conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, hyperextension and joint laxity due to EDS and HMS
  • They shift the attention from the disorder to daily activities, which reduces mental strain and creates room for a possible new view of their own lifestyle
  • They provide support for a variety of specific complaints as a result of trauma, tendon rupture and nerve injury
  • The orthoses have a significant preventive aspect
  • In some cases the orthoses can be worn in combination with conventional orthoses

Why silver

The We Design orthoses are made of 925th silver (nickel free), which is very suited to support the fine motor skills. The durability, hygiene and wearing comfort translate into years of wearing pleasure. The ortheses can be worn during daily activities and do not cause unnecessary perspiration. Thanks to the slim and open design, the joints remain as free as possible.

Our silver supplier uses exclusively in-house recycled silver and has the ISO, RJC (Responsible Jewelery Council) and LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) certification. Although We Design is an independent supplier, it is always aware of the price-quality ratio and the industry in which it operates. In this way it contributes to corporate social responsibility and always looks at its own internal processes and how to further improve them.