We Design values a good cooperation and communication with all of its partners. We Design focuses on building lasting relationships with professionals who are passionate about their profession and in finding the best solution for their clients.

Experience and innovation

  • We Design has been manufacturing custom-made silver splints and braces as an independent manufacturer since 1999
  • The We Design splints and braces were developed in cooperation with medical professionals such as hand therapists, doctors and orthopaedic engineers
  • We Design orthoses have proven themselves through many years of experience
  • Trough experience models are innovated and new models are developed
  • We Design applies modern techniques such as 3D printing, optimizing the production process and ensuring consistent quality and delivery time
  • Modern techniques are combined with the craftmanship of our goldsmiths and medical professionals

Price-quality ratio

  • We Design strives to keep prices as stable as possible to make their splints and braces accessible to all the people who need them
  • Increasing the prices of medical devices has consequences for the contribution of the individual citizen, for this reason We Design is reluctant to index and/or increase its prices annually
  • We Design wishes every supplier to optimize his / her internal processes in order to be able to lower the prices of medical devices
  • We Design is continuously improving the quality of its splints and braces
  • We Design is continuously improving its internal processes in order to be cost-effective in this way
  • By means of these points, We Design, as an independent supplier, wants to express its social responsibility towards the medical sector

Cooperation and service

  • We Design values good cooperation and communication with all its partners and maintains contact with them in various ways such as our website, Facebook page and newsletters
  • For questions and advice medical professionals can contact We Design 5 days a week by phone or email, you will be helped by our customer service which is part of the Silversplints Expertise Centre
  • We Design offers the possibility to make an appointment trough video chat. We Design uses the app "Facetalk", the app is developed for the healthcare sector to ensure the privacy of all its users
  • In addition to our wide range of proven models, individually designed models can also be made on request


  • We Design splints and braces are specially designed so that necessary correction of the joint is combined with minimal pressure points and material use without compromising the comfort and durability of the splint
  • We design only uses silver that has been recycled by their supplier
  • We Design focuses on durability in their materials as well as in their building
  • Where it is possible to use recyclable packaging, We Design will opt for this
  • We Design packaging is reused as much as possible
  • When choosing partnerships with suppliers, We Design looks at the environmentally conscious business operations and the development of the products of its suppliers