About We Design

We are pleased to use our talents in making your splints and braces. Every day, professionalism, expertise and commitment meet to create custom made splints and braces for our customers.

We Design

We Design was founded in 1999 by Wouter Engelshoven. After years of working in the aesthetic field as a goldsmith, the field of orthopaedics was a new and inspiring environment. With his craftsmanship, knowledge of the applications of silver and insight into specific medical problems, Wouter has broadened the possibilities within medical orthoses. Since then, We Design has developed into an expert in the field of silversplints. We Design's expertise is now supported by a wide team. We Design has been ISO13485 certified by Lloyd's Register since July 2020. ISO13485 is an international standard for medical devices.


We Design splints are specially designed so that necessary correction of the joint is combined with minimal pressure points and material use without compromising the comfort and durability of the splint.  New models were designed and tested throughout the years. This has resulted in an extensive and diverse range of silversplints. The silversplints have proven themselves over time, certainly not least because of their simplicity, hygiene and durability.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • We Design is always aware of the price-quality ratio and strives to keep prices as stable as possible
  • We Design exclusively uses in-house recycled by its silver supplier
  • We Design uses solar panels and a heat pump in its building
  • In view of its environment, We Design has opted for a green sedum roof
  • We Design packaging is reused as much as possible
  • We Design uses recyclable materials as much as possible and materials that have been created through an environmentally friendly production process
  • We Design supports and sponsors various scientific dissertations
  • We Design is a donor to various charities from Unicef ​​to local initiatives such as the "Arnhems Labyrint"